Inferno Dance was founded 11 years ago by people who have a passion for the dance world and want to see dancers develop not only their technical skills, but also ensure they are allowed to explore the creative and artistic side of dance.

The Recitals portion of our company was created during the pandemic as a way for studios to share their recitals with their families in a safe manner, Inferno Recitals is a production company built by dancers, for dancers. We wanted to ensure that no matter what we face, the dance world can stand up to any adversity.

We saw immense success with our Virtual Recitals over the Summer of 2020 and are excited to be introducing live event videography &  production packages for the very first time. Let our top-tier team of editors, filmmakers, and personal assistants help you capture your recital they way it was meant to be. Let us make any space your stage!

What is Inferno Recitals?